One Fire Small Desk Lamp


Compact and foldable: Meet the One Fire Small Desk Lamp—a powerhouse of illumination with its built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery. This battery-operated lamp offers true portability, allowing you to move freely without constraints. Once charged, it transforms into a portable light, ready to accompany you anywhere. Compact, wireless, and foldable, it’s not just a lamp; it’s your versatile lighting companion.

LED lights: Enjoy a visually soothing experience with the One Fire Small Desk Lamp. Emitting flicker-free and non-glare LED lights, this battery-powered lamp is a delight for your eyes. Beyond its gentle glow, it’s also a dimmable table light with eight brightness levels. Long-press the switch to find the perfect illumination for your study or create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom. A portable light, battery lamp, study lamp, and rechargeable lamp—all in one.

Small Desk Lamp: Discover the charm of the Small Desk Lamp’s unique design. This portable lamp, a fusion of mini, wireless, and battery-operated brilliance, goes wherever you go. When not in use, it folds into a delightful mini lamp “cookie,” ready to slip into your bag. Perfect for reading, studying, or any on-the-go scenario, this cute desk lamp is your go-to battery-powered lamp for every moment.

Dimmable+Light Memory Feature: Unlock the full potential of the One Fire Battery Operated Lamp. With a long press on the switch, tailor the brightness to your preference. Whether it’s a study lamp or a subdued bedroom light, this battery-powered lamp adapts effortlessly. The added light memory feature ensures it returns to your last-used mode, making it not just a rechargeable lamp but a user-friendly and versatile mini lamp. Elevate your lighting experience with this portable light and battery-operated gem.


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