MJ PREMIER Cordless Mushroom Lamp (Cloud)


Vintage Nebula Mushroom Design: Step back in time with the MJ Premier Cordless Mushroom Lamp, a nod to the iconic 1970s design. This exquisite lamp features a unique mushroom shape, complete with a hand-blown Nebula pattern on high-end ceramic glass. The warm white E27 LED bulb enhances its medieval charm, while the bubble streamline design and non-toxic, harmless materials make each lamp a unique masterpiece. It’s an ideal choice for bedside lighting, adding a touch of retro elegance to any room.

Battery Operated Convenience with Timer: Free yourself from the constraints of power outlets with this battery-operated lamp, requiring just 2*AAA batteries (not included). Its wireless design means it’s perfect for illuminating areas without easy access to power, like bathrooms, corners, or stairways. Plus, the built-in timer (6 hours on, 18 hours off) offers hassle-free operation, ideal for daily use without the need to frequently switch the lights on or off.

Versatile Use – Emergency and Ambient Lighting: Not just a pretty face, this mushroom lamp doubles as an emergency light during power outages or bad weather. Its modern design, combining glass with a striking nebula pattern, makes it a decorative piece that enhances any space, be it a tabletop, entryway, or bathroom.

Create a Cozy Nook: Perfect for carving out a tranquil space in any part of your home, this battery-operated lamp serves as a charming decor piece even when turned off. Once lit, it casts a luminous, ambient light that transforms the atmosphere of your space. Ideal for nightstands, dining tables, guest rooms, or anywhere you desire a warm glow, even in the absence of power outlets.

Special LED Bulb Included: The package includes one special 3W LED glass bulb, designed specifically for this lamp to ensure safety and longevity (approx. 10,000 hours of normal operation). Please note, due to the unique glass shape, the bulb in this mushroom lamp is not replaceable.



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